6 Directors That Should Direct Transformers 6

I personally swore off seeing any Transformers films after the third one. I promise you that I did see that one; I just don’t remember anything from it. The franchise has gradually deteriorated from serviceable action flick to near-criminal levels of atrocity. I don’t think I’ve actively rooted against a series as much as I have for this franchise. Nevertheless, I do have a bit of faith for the Bumblebee standalone movie that’s currently in production, but only because Kubo and the Two Strings director, Travis Knight, will be helming the project.

As for the main series, Michael Bay has announced that he will not be returning to direct Transformers 6. Granted, this is probably the third of fourth time he’s said it, but I am somewhat of an optimist. I’ll drink the Kool-aid here and trust that the man will stand by his word this time around. That would mean there’s a job opening over at Paramount, so here are six filmmakers that could fill the seat in the director’s chair:

J. J. Abrams

Name another individual who fits perfectly with this project other than J. J. Abrams. You can’t. The man single-handedly revived three dying franchises (Mission Impossible is the third one for those about to google). I can’t think of any other director who comes even close! I genuinely believe Abrams will take the time and research the property. The best thing? Abrams is free, as he’s taken somewhat of a hiatus since Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If there’s someone available that can truly do this film justice, it’s Abrams.

Justin Lin

There’s really nothing left for Justin Lin to prove. In addition to directing the best Fast & Furious movie, Lin helmed a very serviceable Star Trek flick. A quick IMDB search tells me he’s attached to direct a Space Jam sequel, with LeBron James attached. While Lin waits for LeBron to leave Cleveland, the veteran director could keep himself busy by giving us a great Transformers movie. He’ll definitely have my approval if he’s announced to take on the project.

F. Gary Gray

Here’s another guy who already delivered us a great action movie. Granted, I haven’t seen Fate of the Furious yet, but from what I’ve seen, it’s gotten a fair reception. Let’s be honest, Fast and Furious is basically Transformers, except it doesn’t take itself seriously. If Gray can inject that attitude into Transformers 6, he’s already done a better job than Michael Bay.

Alex Garland

Oh my God, Ex Machina was fantastic. While I’d like Alex Garland to stick to low-budget sci-fi stories, it’s inevitable that he’ll be sucked into making franchise epics. If Garland ends up getting the job, Paramount might have to reschedule Transformers 6 to 2020, as Garland would still be deep in post-production on Annihilation, slated to be released sometime in 2018. I’m sure the execs wouldn’t mind, knowing they’d be getting a talented filmmaker.

Guillermo del Toro

This is somewhat of an odd choice. I don’t think Guillermo del Toro will be interested in this project, since his expertise is on crafting dark-natured films such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, and the upcoming Pinocchio reimagining. There’s no way Transformers 6 is going to be in style at all, so del Toro probably wouldn’t be in contention. However, the man did helm Pacific Rim, which surprisingly had a great story, while balancing giant robot action. Perhaps del Toro is better suited for a Transformers spin-off; one where the box office expectations are bit lower, and del Toro is given free reign for his vision.

Neil Blomkamp

If you haven’t seen the content Neil Blomkamp is putting out on YouTube, do yourself a favor and check it out. Many people question if Blomkamp is a great director, but I truly believe he is. The problem with his last two films is his writing: Blomkamp has great ideas but gets carried away and ends up delivering a hot mess. I say pair him with a decent writer and let him helm Transformers 6. I believe I speak for most people when I say that I want Neil Blomkamp to succeed and redeem himself. If his Transformers 6 turns out to be a dud, we know one of two things: either Michael Bay cursed the franchise, or District 9 was a fluke.


One thought on “6 Directors That Should Direct Transformers 6

  1. Oh! Justin Lin would be a great choice I think. He’s got the genre down for sure, and like you said, he did direct some of the best F&F movies. I’m a fan for sure. I think the Transformers franchise is in need of change for sure, and secretly I’m glad Michael Bay is not returning, change is never bad. I hated the 3rd movie, and sort of liked the 4th one, but I doubt I’ll be seeing the current one. Curious to see who will take over but these are definitely some solid choices. Great read.

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